Clairvoyant Jane Longstaff


About Jane

Jane is a naturally gifted Clairvoyant Teacher, with over 33 years experience internationally.

She has the unique ability to combine passionate authority, simple clarity and gentle understanding in all she does. Her work is always spontaneous, fully alive and original.

By channelling pure clear advice from all levels of light and inspiration, Jane helps you to understand your purpose, your unique identity, and your place in this world.

Jane's work Jane has worked in many areas of Clairvoyant teaching and development over the years. She was born with a natural gift and is able to translate information from a number of sources; your Soul, Angels, Guides, Nature and your Higher Self. This enables you to understand constructively your Lifepath and Purpose; the past, present and future; relationships with others and your own true place in this world. All information is purely channelled. There is no limit to what can be achieved. Jane always aims for absolute purity, total truth and the best of information, support and Healing available to you right now.

Readings - A Reading is designed to give clear, relevant information about your past, present and future as well as your true Soul direction and choices. The results are personally transformative and positively life-changing. Jane can use her gift to link for a Reading from either a photograph or from a name. View Clairvoyant Readings

Teachings - You will always receive original Meditations, Visualizations, Courses and Readings. A full range of Courses and Meditations is presently being produced. If you would like to place your name on the Mailing List you will be contacted as these products are developed.

What is Clairvoyance?
Clairvoyance literally means 'clear seeing'. A true Clairvoyant will see, hear or sense alternate dimensions to life, such as the thoughts and feelings of others, the past, the future, potential outcomes of choices made etc. Every Clairvoyant has their own specific field of expertise and knowledge.

"I personally believe that Clairvoyance is a God-given gift that, when used wisely, can support and guide yourself and others in finding their true sense of self and in making true personal choices.

A natural Clairvoyant is someone who was born with a strong Clairvoyant ability and who from a very young age is aware of alternate perceptions. These perceptions are not always understood or encouraged by adults and can lie dormant in a person until life offers a window of opportunity to nurture these talents into full use.

Natural Clairvoyants have an absolute inner 'knowing' of how to use their gifts - it just happens - it develops and grows along side everyday normality (whether the person likes it or not!). Yes, it can be suppressed, but this will be done at great cost to that person's truth and persona. It is not an easy path to walk, but it is a fantastic and fascinating one, once the talent is fully accepted and lived in the way it was meant to be.

It is possible to develop a Clairvoyant ability over time, with mental exercises. There are many books around today teaching this. There is nothing wrong with discovering and developing your own Clairvoyant gift. As long as nothing is forced and the gift is used for good and true intent, it can be a life enhancing thing both for yourself and others.

Yes, there are people who misuse this gift and develop it (force its development) in order to manipulate others, or in order to feed their own ego in some way. I simply ask you to implicitly trust your own instincts in this area and if you ever feel any sense of doubt about what you are receiving, just walk away. As it is, whether you are the person giving a Reading, or receiving, you should always listen to your own inner voice of truth and certainty as well as to the information given. If you get a definite 'yes' feeling to both then trust and follow and allow yourself to be supported and guided. If there is even the slightest doubt, then put the information aside until you are certain, or dismiss it immediately if you ever get a definite 'no' feeling inside you.

Developing your own instinct and trust in your own choices and decisions is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. I hope and trust that any support you receive from me or this Site, will merely help you in that direction. Nothing offered to you here is in any way meant to do your thinking or living for you!"

Wishing you love and many blessings on your Path through life.


If you would like to order a Reading with Jane, please visit Clairvoyant Readings and take a look at the choices.

Any Reading gives you a combination of prediction and character analysis. Please remember that YOU have complete control over your own life. The Readings cannot make your decisions for you, they simply give you guidance and invite you to take a fresh perspective on life. Nothing is totally predestined - if you do not like something, be prepared to change it for the better. Most changes, however, begin with self. With a positive and determined attitude you may be amazed at what you can achieve.

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