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Instant Guidance with our Random Choice Readings
Simply think of a question and click on your chosen link on the left hand side of this page. You will receive a page of Channelled Guidance, specifically meant for you at this time.

It really is that simple.

The Creation of These Pages
These pages have been purely channelled by Jane with the positive and prayerful intent that you receive exactly what you need right now in order to find Perspective, Healing, Guidance and Support.

The Oracle Cards have also been uniquely created for this site, each with its own original interpretation attached.

How Free Random Choice Readings and Inspirations Work
Sometimes when we are confused or emotional, it is not always easy to reach inside ourselves to find clarity, guidance or answers. Using the random choice system, you are able to reach out to Life/God/the Universe, asking from the depth of your heart and soul for guidance and truth. This guidance is not always easy to hear, or to follow, but at the very least it plants a little seed of light and hope inside you, at best it helps you to stand tall once more and step forward into life with courage and conviction.

Before pressing the random choice button for today, please take a few moments to reach up in prayer - asking for truth and clarity, and for the courage to really hear and understand what is best for yourself at this moment - and why.

If you have specifically chosen 'Angel Inspirations' then you are striving to gain a higher, greater and more whole perspective on your life or a life situation. Angels are always with us, helping us to believe in ourselves and to reach for the best we can be/live. These pages give the angels the ability to talk a little more directly to you. Please trust, the page that is most relevant to you is the page that will appear before you at this time. Unfortunately it is often at the time we most need to listen to higher guidance that we are in too much turmoil to actually do so. As you let a page appear to you, feel the uplifting presence of Angels around you, consciously decide to let healing begin and to allow your heart and mind to be lifted and made clear once more.

If you have chosen Oracle Card Interpretations then you are needing slightly more 'here and now', 'down to earth' clarity about some situation or emotion. Trust yourself. You will know which is right at this time.

When you are ready to grow beyond pain, life will find you and show you the way (your way).

May truth be with you.

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Angel Power

Please remember that YOU have complete control over your own life. Readings cannot make your decisions for you, they simply give you guidance and invite you to take a fresh perspective on life. Nothing is totally predestined - if you do not like something, be prepared to change it for the better. Most changes, however, begin with self. With a positive and determined attitude you may be amazed at what you can achieve.