Understanding Angels

Understanding Angels

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I have been aware of the presence of Angels for as long as I can remember, although I haven't always willingly been open to their guidance and many times I have 'talked myself out of' my awareness of them, for fear of 'being deluded' or 'not fitting into the norm'.

I smile as I write those words, because today I fully embrace their place in my life, with all my heart and all my Soul. I cannot imagine the emptiness of their not being around.

These beings are non intrusive and are simply 'around' in everyone's life, ready and waiting to offer Healing and Love and Guidance, as and when it is requested and received.

In beginning to understand Angels, we need to begin to understand ourselves and the fact that we have chosen to be here on this earth at this time.

We need to understand that we each (every single one of us) have a chosen Destiny to walk, unique talents to develop and the potential to evolve into fantastic human beings who can shape this world into something incredible. Some of us have set ourselves huge tasks to achieve in this life and will be drawn to working on a global level, and some have chosen small, maybe unseen, tasks to complete. Whichever it is, or something in between, there is no Destiny, no task and no evolvement of self that is any better or any worse than another. Each is equally important and equally precious.

Angels are a wonderful gift from God/Life/The Universe (whatever your belief pattern may be), and are here to help us to become more consciously aware of our 'heaven self', of the part of us that made those original choices and set those original intentions. As we accept this support and guidance we really can begin to walk as spiritual beings upon this earth. We can transcend pain and negativity and transform it into joy, courage and beauty. We can learn what it is to become truly whole and how to live every moment of this gift of life to the full.

Angels teach us, by example, to live 'heaven on earth'. When we are ready to change they are ready to offer direction and Healing. When we are ready to hear, they are ready to whisper truth. And when we are ready to stand tall fully and shine our light limitlessly, they are ready to walk beside us every step of the way.

I pray that you never doubt or limit the wonder of the presence of Angels in your life and that you learn to receive their Unconditional Love and Guidance limitlessly.


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