The Power of Crystals

The Power of Crystals

Crystals have amazing healing powers and can be used for personal transformation and for the support, healing and growth of others.

Understanding the power of Crystals

Everyone and everything on this earth has a unique energy field. Whether consciously or unconsciously we can all sense this energy field, as is seen when we react with an instant attraction or instant dislike to someone/something.

It is now widely known that plants and crystals - things of the earth - have immense healing properties. And we are just beginning to scratch the surface of tapping into the full healing potential available from so many of the earth's natural resources.

Crystals, when used in the right way, for good intent, have a particularly deep and powerful ability to transform and heal. In the hands of a Healer the healing properties can be magnified many times over.

The aim of this Site is to enable you to understand how to make the best use of your crystals, stones, and crystal Jewellery. I believe (I know) that every crystal, no matter how big or small, has its own personality and unique healing essence. The more you can understand and relate to a crystal, the more you are able to open up to it, which enables the crystal to pour its love and transformation into your Soul. A wonderful, win-win relationship then develops. It is all about being fully present, focused, attentive and openly appreciative. To be able to listen unconditionally and to be willing to discover rather than assume.

Taking the time to listen to even the tiniest of crystal or stone is an absolute pleasure - a journey of discovery that is brand new with every connection made. It is delightful and awe inspiring to get to know these crystals and learn so much along the way. Best of all, though, is knowing just how strongly, and with so much love, these crystals want to reach out and make a real difference in this world. They want to unite with us, strengthen us, heal us, to help us transform ourselves - to find our true selves and live to the best of our ability. Basically in helping us to fulfill our Destiny, they fulfill their own.


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