Connecting to Angels

Connecting to Angels

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Angels are mostly unseen, but walk this life with us nonetheless.

As beings of purity and light they are able to keep the highest perspective on this world and all the lives lived upon it.

Their intent is to uplift and guide; to shine a light for us when we are ready and willing to open our minds, our hearts and our eyes in order to see.

If you are ready to connect to Angels then the first step is to simply acknowledge and accept their presence in the world - and to absolutely know with all your heart that Angels only ever want what is best for you. They have no interest in interfering in your life or in influencing your freedom of choice. They simply offer unconditional love and guidance in response to your prayers and wishes for change - in response to your readiness to live a life of joy and success rather than confusion and pain.

If you have even the vaguest idea that Angels will carry your life responsibilities or make your decisions for you though, then please think again. They will not, ever, live your life for you. They will, however, teach and support you in taking full and joyous responsibility for yourself and the life that is truly yours to live and they will wholeheartedly help you in making your own dreams come true.

So you want to begin to connect to Angels? Then open your heart. You will know you are doing this because you will find that you are more 'present' in your life. You will begin to see the beauty in little things; colour, flowers, the feel of the breeze on your skin - simple things. And, as you become more aware of what is happening right in front of you, right now, you will begin to become more sensitive to feeling the presence of Angels around you.

The presence of Angels is like the whisper of a breeze that barely touches you, but somehow leaves a feeling of upliftment and lightness behind.

If you want to connect to Angels, then open your mind too, relax it, set it free of judgements and just quietly observe the world around you. Then you will be open to the presence of Angels as they spark sudden mental flashes of clarity into a quiet mind; inspiration, realisation, cleansing tears, forgiveness, love, courage - anything you are needing to make your true way forward will be set free inside you when you truly still your mind to the presence of these wondrous, healing, loving Messengers.

When you are ready to connect to Angels, then Angels will connect to you. Be ready to feel and hear them, pray with all your heart to them, and then simply let go and be open and receptive to all that you receive in return. Whether it be the feeling of safety and 'knowing', the sudden phone call from a friend who gives you the support you need, the person walking by who happens to be saying just what you need to hear, the music that floats through your window and heals your heart. There are a million and one ways for Angels to touch you and to inspire you. Trust in the Healing that is being sent to you every day in every way, and that 'trust' becomes a doorway into your own Soul for their love and lightness.

Angels respond to your prayers - sometimes these come in the form of a silent plea from your Soul - desperate yearnings, or exhausted times of surrender. No true request goes unheard or unanswered. But, please, keep an open mind. You will receive what you truly need at this time.

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