I have been doing readings for over 34 years now, so what you see below are some randomly chosen responses, which I hope will give you extra clarity into how I work.

For the purpose of privacy what you see below is mostly exactly as it has been written, the only changes being the removal of any private/personal details.

With a smile of gratitude and in the anticipation of meeting many more beautiful Souls through the readings as years go by, I wish you love,

Jane xx

Feedback for Readings

Hi Jane,

I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my reading thanks and it was amazing. I have been away and only just returned. I am very pleased with it and I am trying hard to absorb it all. It is very accurate and I know I have a lot of work to do.

Bless you for being so caring

Blessed be



Hi Jane

How are you? Hope you are healthy and happy. Just remembered I never got around to letting you know about the reading - it was amazing :) yes I do only have two sisters and I must say you explained each one exactly! I told them what was said and they were left speechless. It also gave them something to think about - in a positive way.

Thank you again, I truly do love to hear from you. Apologies for my lateness.



Hi Jane!

After your reading I went deep, deep into myself because once again your words, tone and the energy of the reading affected me vibrationally. Your reading confirmed all of the feelings I have had weighing me down. This has been for some time. In fact, I was just talking about it to a friend...honestly, almost word for word on some of what you brought forth.

I know that you know me on a soul level and that actually is a good thing because I can feel your positive support. Thank you for that! It is so interesting to me how subtle but at the same time how powerful energy is.

I did pray for assistance in clearing that night and could not believe how much "lighter" I felt the next day. Amazing. I threw myself into being productive, clearing things out.

Oh and M was absolutely 'over the moon' last night from the reading you sent her.

Much, much love,



Hi Jane

Thanks for yet again a wonderful reading - it is helping me (i was going to say more than you know but you already do) to really make powerful steps forward on where i want to be professionally and personally and I am so excited.

Many thanks Jane

Warmest wishes



Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for the ever so helpful reading. I'll follow your advice immediately! All that you said resonated very strongly with my instincts at this time, and I had to grin a few times while listening, because I had already tentively started to take some of the steps you suggest on the recording.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to help. The future looks very exciting to me now :-)

God bless you for all that you do,



Hi Jane,

What a lovely reading! Thank you so much, it has inspired me to push onward and try to be more creative like I once was. You were spot on with the birds, I love them, their sound reminds me of home and always brings me back, especially seagulls, I always open the balcony doors if I see them pass so I can hear them. When I do listen to them I feel at peace. I have taken the advice about the stones I collected from the seaside also.

I look back on the last 3 years and realise the mistakes i've made. I have let the wrong people in and instead of closing myself off completely (which seemed like the easier option) I will instead be more careful of who I invite in.

Thank you again so much.

Lots of love xxx

SB, in response to an Angel Reading


Good morning Jane!

Wow, up at 4 am?!? Thank you so so much for getting this reading to me. I just listened to it and it just fills me with such joy. Everything you said resonates with me. I understand that I need to finally be decisive and just get on with it! And I recognize and truly feel deep inside of me that I am ready for all of the joy and delight coming my way.

I know that I thank you all of the time but I just can't express enough how grateful I am for you. Just know that I feel blessed to have you in my life. I treasure you!

Love and joy and laughter to you Jane!

MB, in response to a mini follow up reading


Dear Jane,

This was such an incredible reading. I'm pretty emotional but in a very good way. I will have some questions for you but am still processing everything. WOW!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I hope your holiday has been absolutely wonderful. :-)

Much love to you,

MB, in response to an Angel Reading.


Dearest Jane,

Thank you so much for the Tarot reading it was the wake up call I needed. I have listened to it twice and really thought about the messages. Such a powerful truth, I want my life to change and yet I am not living life to become the person I want to be.

Sending you all my love and light,

CF, in response to a Tarot Reading


Dear Jane,

I am not even quite sure how to thank you for the time, effort, and love you have extended with all three sessions + questions. Very, very powerful. I am still a little stunned with all the spot-on information, so I will send off a proper message soon. But I wanted to let you know I listened to all three sessions and have taken the guidance deeply to heart.

With tremendous gratitude and love,

C, in response to a Life Coaching session


Thank you very much. The reading is great! I have listened to it once and I cried. I've been holding back too much and not saying the things I want to say. Mixed emotions of all the feelings I've suppressed are coming up so it all make sense. Thank you again. CK.


Hey Jane, thankyou very much for my reading, I am very pleased with it and it made a lot of sense to me :) Thankyou for answering my questions, I am going to enjoy myself more now as I will not stress about a career or deciding what to do afterwards, I will go with the flow.

When I mentioned moving to a particular country, I was thinking of America as I feel like I belong there, so when you said America I was very excited!

Thankyou again, my reading means a lot to me and I will listen to it over the coming years. HM.


Hi Jane,

Thank you once again for your wonderful reading. I feel so much calmer now about the future and am steadily putting the pieces into position, plus a bit of comforting synchronicity is beginning to show up which is lovely.

I had to smile in the second reading where you were looking ahead for me and talking about what I might do when I come back - and, just as I was thinking - wait a minute, I don't really want to hear this because I haven't gone yet - you said, no - I'm not going to tell you that because I don't want to spoil it! Talk about perfection.

Sending you much love, Jane.

Best wishes. MC.


Hi Jane,

Thank you so much for the reading - it really has made a big difference and I'm so glad I asked for it!

My outlook is much clearer - I can finish up the last remaining weeks in this job with some clarity, as when I emailed you Saturday morning I really couldn't see the wood for the trees and had got myself into a real mess decision wise. Knowing what I now know and in the meantime work on my inner strength has made me very positive.

So thank you...you have this amazing way of getting to the core of the issue and I'll never know how you do it! SO talented. SD.


The reading gave me such enlightenment about myself and how I need to become much stronger from within so that I don't carry issues and let myself feel so wounded by comments etc...I've always been like this, way too sensitive, and it dawned on me listening to your words that I can change this part of me. Not just with the lady I work for but with everyone, what a revelation! Also I realized that this inner vibration is attracting these people so I will continue to focus on being stronger, putting up protection and not taking other peoples opinions into my life. I just thanked my guides, it is good to know they are there (actually this will take a bit more practice but I'm enjoying the practice).

It feels great to work on this over-sensitive part of myself, as I said this has been an issue of mine and I often ask myself "why are you like this?" I had the revelation that if I become internally strong then I will hopefully attract people who won't highlight this part of me, as there will be no need.

I am going to listen to the reading everyday, as it gives me real clarity about what's going on and also fires me up to keep strong!! I love your personality, spiritual and lovely, while also strong and no-nonsense, what a perfect balance! These are the qualities I'm working on developing too. Ok I better get on and let you get on!

With love and thanks, and may God send many blessings to you and your family, LM.


Thank you Jane,

I am convinced you heal through the sounds of your voice, as I feel so much calmer after I've listened to your reading! JF


Jane, thank you so very very much for your words. I appreciate this so much, and will do the visualisation you've suggested, thank you. You are spot-on, I feel like my energy is slowly being drained, so the visualisation will make me feel protected.

I'm going to do it now, and then twice a day morning and night until this anxiety in my stomach goes away.

I can't thank you enough for my mini-reading! (would love to order a full one again soon as they are wonderful)

I've said this before but you really are an angel, what a blessing to meet such a wonderful person;

Love and much gratitude,L.


Thank you Jane. As always to hear a reading from you is a powerful event and deeply healing. I have hesitated to ask for such specific help before because I know I'm responsible for the decisions I make, but this was very useful without taking away any of my responsibilty - hope that comes across in the right way

Love and best wishes



My dearest Jane,

I would like to thank you very much for the mini reading that you have done for me, and to let you know that it has helped me in more ways than one. SJ


Darling Jane,

I hope you are well.

Thank you so much for the reading. It really does make more sense than I could tell you right now, and one thing I promise you, this time round I will give myself time to stand back and observe what happens.

I will focus on happy moments and the wonderful people around me over the next 6 weeks as you suggest and see what happens. I will write to you and let you know how it goes. I know and trust that whatever happens will be in everyone's best interest.

Love and Light and a big big hug. RT.



I was just listening to the mini reading again (it's lunchtime) and you know what? I think you are one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Because that is how I see you...a true gift! I know part of it is the essence of the reading being given to me, but---oh my goodness, I listen to you and just soak it in. It's so wonderful and fills me with warmth.

I appreciate and love all that you are more than you know....or, maybe you do know because you "know" so much!

Keep smiling and remember how much you've brought to my life and many others, I'm sure.

All my love and biggest hugs ever,DB.


Hi Jane, your message was beautiful thankyou and really did, once again, confirm what I had been receiving, but your message explained it in another way that makes such sense. Maybe I just needed to hear it a different way.

Its is beautiful connecting with you and I love how you see and are shown things a different way...always helps with clarity.

Much love, SH.


Hi Jane, thank you for my beautiful reading. I was ok until my mum was mentioned and that brought me to tears but not traumatically, and for some hours after I had finished listing I was very queasy and unsettled in my abdomen, but later that evening it had all settled down.

I have been listening to my angels as I have been buying quite few clothes recently and last weekend I bought a pair of white shoes/sandals that had a flower shape in the toe area with white diamante stones on the edges of the petals. The centre ones were missing, but I knew I would find something, and I did a heart shape made from little stones that look like diamonds...so exactly what you saw in the reading!

I have naturally given my guides lots of permission to bring about further change in fun stuff for me. Thank you. RH.


Thank you so much for such a super speedy reply Jane, I was working on some research late last night and decided to check my email messages before switching my laptop off around midnight... and after reading your lovely reply I had the most restful night's sleep for ages and awoke feeling so refreshed this morning...it has been a long time since I slept thro the night so peacefully, so bring on today!

I am so grateful to you for the amazingly fast response Jane, I was not expecting it with your heavy workload and I really appreciated hearing back from you in that way.

I would like to keep in touch from time to time Jane, as I feel this amazing link to you. I hope this will never become a burden to you though and I will certainly endeavor not to become a pest, but I feel you are very special and this gift of yours heals and sooths and is like a balm restoring my wellbeing to a balanced 'calm'.....

Thank you will never be enough but you have it in bucketloads

love and blessings. EE.


Hello Jane,

Thank you so much! I feel so loved and supported. It is so awesome! I have a lot to not do to be still in my mind. I kind of knew that too - I'm moving fast and have many people over - maybe over committing myself for being newly on my own and still having to set myself up in my place I've been afraid & other emotions. So, I haven't really relaxed and stilled my mind - I'm not used to doing this. I'm ready to though. I need to be good to myself. There is so much information on this reading. I really, truly appreciate that you have done this one and all the other readings for me. I really need to trust God and my Angels and Guides to set up what I need. Life is really so beautiful & I'm so ready to live my life and enjoy all there is in this world. :)

Thank you Jane and God Bless you! CM.


Dear Jane,

A big thank you for the reading! (And an extra big thank you to Pete, who is indeed a true friend). (n.b. Pete ordered the reading as a birthday gift for his friend).

I have listened to it twice over the weekend and I'm still taking it in. It is uncanny, interesting, thought-provoking... I could go on.

The main thing is that you have put into words how my true nature is not able to shine through because it is hidden and cocooned, and you have recognised my bewilderment as to why this is. It is something I have done a lot of work on through traditional therapies and never quite put my finger on. You are right, I am inquisitive and curious about others and I do try to help them with their answers. And you are even more right in the fact that this is proving utterly exhausting!

It was a wonderful birthday present, hearing that my true nature is light and free - something I know to be true but find difficult to access. Thank you again.

All the best, EC.


Darling Jane,

I cannot thank you enough for making time for this precious reading in spite of your current hectic schedule.

I hope all has gone well with your move and you are quickly settling in your new place?

Your prayers have truly been healing and the hugs you sent me have been so comforting :) I have felt progressively better since the day I wrote to you about this :) May the angels carry my love and gratitude to you!!!

The reading makes perfect sense and I am grateful for the guidance and reassurance! You will not be surprised to hear that the angels not only advised that I take some time to distance myself and clear my head, but they made sure of it too!

As the healing process takes its effect and I am gradually regaining my view from a broader perspective, I can see that I haven't completely lost my faith. Love and more love RT.


Hi Jane!

I wanted to tell you how much I loved the past life reading. I can't believe how the time has slipped by since you sent it. Just like you, I'm way too busy! And, you are right....it's time for me to slow down.

How wonderful to "feel" through you a life of real happiness and fulfillment. It sounded so joyous and fun and stimulating! And I mean it, that I can actually feel it while listening to your words. It truly uplifts me, and I have listened to it many times already.

There is such a true resonance or vibration between us for sure. I find that as captivating as it is wondrously exciting....well, just so...I can't always find the words....it's like I feel so connected and filled with so much love and emotion when I listen to you. And I do feel as if it is a frequency running through me. It is amazing. You are amazing. I am so very grateful to have our connection.

Be happy....and, once again, thank you so much! I loved the reading.DB.


Hi Jane!

I was able to access and download the file with no problems. I am quite impressed with your online system of online operation! You really seem to have things sorted.

I KNEW that that Angel guide was on my right side!! I also know that he is a bit of a giant, size-wise. It was very touching and wonderful to hear you mention him in such detail. He is distinct from the other presences. The other presences seem to almost blend together, as a group. This one is distinct, however, and really seems to know me inside out -and love me in a personal way.

I can see what you mean about the male-female energy. I am similar in this regard. My daughter is a pocket-rocket -you are right there! Your advice to me regarding being an example makes absolute sense, and has given me a sense of permission to do what I feel is right, without second guessing my intentions. Thank you for your insight into all the areas I asked you about. I am going to relax a bit now regarding career direction etc. I think you are right in that I must keep taking the steps and allow my intuition to be a barometer as opportunities pop up.

I will have to listen to the reading again to make sure I got it all.

I am conscious of not writing too much -since your time is valuable. But thank you once again for all your hard work and focus. You are offering a wonderful gift to the people who ask for your services.

I am sure that when I have an unanswerable question I will be accessing your site and contacting you once again!

I hope this email finds you settled and relaxed :-)

Many thanks and love, C.


Thank you so much Jane! For doing the reading so quickly and that you had the fight in you wanting to help me too. Wow - I'm sorry that you have to untangle so much in order to do my reading. I didn't know that you had to do that each time but that makes sense why I always feel so strong and get my thoughts clear - loud and clear after I listen to my readings from you.

I so needed this reading. I really felt I was drowning again and didn't know how to do what I needed to do. I appreciate and love you so much! It was a huge wakeup call to me. I feel just awesome right now. And I will focus on me and being healthy, stable, and happy!

I hope you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I am really excited for my future again. Thank God!! Thank you! Thank you my Angels and Guides!!

With my deepest love to my core, Thank you!!

Love, CC.


Hi Jane,

Thank you so much for the reading. You gave me the exact words that my heart needed to hear! Every word was precisely the right piece, to put back together the parts of my heart that have been utterly worn out. I can't thank you enough for your kindness, and for the effort (huge, I would say) that you have taken to help me! I will follow your advice to the last letter, I promise :-)

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, and I celebrate the wonderful work you are doing to help fellow travelers in this world. You are truly God sent, and much needed. Perhaps your work is in a way choice-less, but never the less, you could have said no and elected not to use your gifts to help others. To say yes, and to undertake your work, would not have been easy, so I hope that at the end of the day, you yourself receive the joy and love that you enable others to receive.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love S.


Hi Jane,
Thank you so much for your message. I will do as you say and get on with my new and much happier life (thanks to your reading!!).

Oh dear - we are strange creatures we humans :-) Thank God we have angels like you to gently nudge us onto the right path :-)

Many, many thanks once again for your help, support and love. RS.


Morning Jane,

Thank you so much for your healing email. I felt your love come through and a little bit of empowerment. It means a lot to receive this support, I can't thank you enough.

Enjoy your weekend! Hope to hear from you soon.

Love you lots :). ZL.


Thanks so much Jane for the reading. It was unexpected but also what I needed - some encouragement for this rootedness that is taking place!

Much love to you, PF


Hi Jane,

My mother had a reading done a few days ago. She received it yesterday, and it was so wonderful that I have decided to waste no time in getting mine done! It has changed her life forever, and I am so thankful to you for that.

Thank you, AD.


Hi Jane

Thank you so much for your reading and letter. The both gave me a warm fuzzy feeling!

Your reading hit the spot as regards our food/health issues. It gave me a perspective I never thought about. I really need to listen to it again as I know a couple of things are really important there.

Take care

Love, AM.



for a very insightful reading, as you know past lives can effect future lives and so much of what you said resonated deeply, I even cried at the release of the emotions held over from my past life in Ireland. Wow what can I say?

All in all I was very pleased with your reading, and agree that being intuitive and sensing in my heart and in my gut is something I can only learn to trust more in this lifetime. It is good to know that I wont be alone, and that I can and will have the financial as well as emotional security I seek in my own right.

Thankyou so much for your time in this, I will recommend you to everyone who might be interested in receiving a soul reading of their own. I have struggled with obstacles quite a bit in this lifetime and my path has been far from easy, hence why I am so glad of the strength and courage I would have gained in other lifetimes that keep me strong..... Its true I can come across masculine though it is in the feminine aspect that I am most at home.

I look forward to listening to you recording again and really sitting with all you had to say, it is a gift to be able to share, thankyou thankyou and thankyou once again

in light, HF.


Hi Jane,

Many thanks for this. It was amazingly precise.

Your advice was timely and I have listened to your reading several more times and I feel that I get something from it each time I listen to it. I feel tired but a nice tired, like I'm very relaxed. I still worry sometimes but know that is ok too.

Sorry this may be a little disjointed, but I'm writing in work as my computer is down. But again many thanks for everything.

Lots of love and a big hug from me, RH.



I must tell you, the past life you have mentioned has brought me so much clarity and highlighted to me my tendencies in this life to take over responsibility and not allow myself the space to 'lighten up' or even breath...I dont often give myself permission to actually enjoy life for the beautiful miracle i know it to be.

I am trying to drink more water now at this time as I feel my energies are still lowered at times or unstable.

To follow what makes me happiest to make the choices whereby my heart sings is where I want to be.

Its kinda odd and puzzling and you are the first person who has described to me exactly the soul rejoice and thank God feeling I get and I hold that knowledge very dear. So thankyou Jane

I've settled with my reading now, feet touched ground and feel steady in it. You seem a clear channel and have been spot on with everything, the whole dynamic thing, the intuitive healing ...well everything. Its time to change my life for the better now and to make some grown up decisions about how I am going to achieve my goals my aims and how the universe will support me in not only finding my love but living it daily.

Much love to you, in gratitude, HC.


Hi Jane

Thank you so much for the reading. I listened to it and then my wife and I both listened to it together. It was lovely to listen to - your voice is just so beautiful and gentle. I could listen to you recite the phone book! You really described our dynamics very well and kind of reinvigorated what we want to do with our lives - like a gentle reminder. I am a lot more excited about my life as I was in a bit of a lull.

You really describe my relationship with God so well and my faith. It is such a big part of my life.

You know, its odd, as I had requested an astrology reading from someone who was highly recommended by good friends and when my iphone 'coincidentally' chose your previous reading at random (out of 1500 songs) on the day I sent that email to him, something just said "get Jane to do another reading as well - you'll need it. " So I listened to that little voice.

I must thank you for spreading a bit of your love our way with your reading - it was truly helpful on so many levels.

Take care

With love, AM.


Hi Jane,

Just loved the second reading. It made such sense as I had the time to listen to the first reading several times. And I intend to listen to the second reading several more times, as every time I listen to it, I get something new from it. I think it was magic that you picked my mum up as you know I have never really got over losing her. She was a big loss. And she was an absolutely beautiful woman and I was lucky to have her as my mum.

Thanks again.

I will see you again, hopefully in this lovely country. Lots of Love RH.


Hi Jane,

First of all, thank you for the reading you did for me a month ago. I'm always thankful for the messages you have for me.

My health has improved considerably since that time (thank goodness!).

Thanks again Jane for your help and your support! You are a remarkable woman and I appreciate what you've done for me and my mother.

Take care, MB.

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