Clairvoyant Teachings

Clairvoyant Teachings

Jane has taught many original courses over the years. Whilst this site cannot offer her personal presence, the information and teachings involved can be brought to you in a number of ways. Whether through personal readings, or courses and teachings, all of which can be easily sent and downloaded by email, there is always something more and something new and wonderful to learn; always a greater sense of self to discover and always a fresher more satisfying view of life.

Within all teachings Jane uses her unique ability to combine a passionate authority, simple clarity and gentle understanding into all that she does. Whether it be courses or readings, Jane always channels her teachings purely and directly from the levels of light to the course/reading recipient.

Whatever the subject area, Jane works directly with the personal lifepath of each individual as well as with the more universal, global and group connections. Original meditations, visualizations, teaching techniques, information and exercises are given during every course. This is truly transformative work.

A set of Courses are presently being developed. Please put yourself on our mailing list below if you wish to be informed as these become available.

Wishing you the Best of Guidance, Healing and Joy in your Life.


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