Angel Inspirations

Angel of Manifestation

Manifestation. What a curious word. Meaning to make your thoughts and desires real - to manifest them into reality.

First though, I would caution that you gain a measure of control over your thoughts and your desires to make sure that they truly would bring lasting fulfilment and happiness. Once dreams and ideas are made manifest they become your creations and your responsibility - a commitment is made to nurture those realities in the best way possible.

The more true and considered your choices, the quicker and more readily they will appear in earthly form. Delay and disappointment are sometimes mere stepping stones in the growth of your personality to allow you to be strong enough to live your dreams and take care of them when they arrive.

Learn to allow this time and trust it, for it helps you to grow strong roots to your dreams, so that they are not flimsy idealisms that disappear in your hands almost the moment you touch them.

If you truly choose to create your life and manifest your desires, then I, and all Angels, will indeed help and support you. But first, I ask that you pray for guidance and clarity regarding the truth of your wishes and desires. I ask that you give yourself some time to stand back and watch life and listen and be aware and allow us to speak to you through signs and inspirations - words from books and from others.

Then, in truth, your desires will sprout wings and grow beyond any limitation or hesitation - they will become inspirations that carry you forward with a sense of mission and determination. And, when you have found this point of realisation, we can begin to manifest your desires into form and you shall find your heart lifted and you shall have the space and time to appreciate fully all you have created. Your attitude will be straight and your heart shall be true. You shall have added something to the world as well as to your life and you shall know a depth of satisfaction as yet undreamed.

So if you intend to start something here, start it well and in Love and in Truth shall you be guided and supported in the realisation and manifestation of your dreams in this world.


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