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All classes are created with pure, divine intent. They adapt to your needs.

Intuitive Development - full class, ongoing...

Intuitive Development - Meditation only, ongoing...

Your Teacher

Jane has a passionate authority in everything she does.

Born with the gift of clear soul-sight, she can help you uncover your own true intuitive talents, to joyously develop them and ultimately to fulfil your soul purpose.

Every class or guided session will leave you changed for the better.

You will find deep peace, which melts all stress; insight which dissolves old resistant conditioning and gentle nurturing so that you know you are safe.

If you are ready to find your purpose...develop your intuitive skills...create the life of your happy... then you have arrived exactly where you need to be.

Psychic and Personal Development (ongoing for as long as you need it)

Anchor your energy.

Be safe and protected whilst working.

Know the difference between psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant and healing.

Work with Angels, Guides and Nature Guardians.

Both beginners and advanced students will benefit.

Evolve your life-purpose then bring your gifts to your clients successfully.


Release stress.

Get strong.

Get confident.

Rediscover joy.

Transform your life.

These development classes really are unique and effective.

You will enjoy every single moment.

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Angel Power

  • Downloadable Classes
  • Intuitive Development - Full Class
  • Intuitive Development - Meditation Only
  • "I can't believe how much my life has changed in these last few weeks. Feeling stuck, sad, and lacking direction are already a distant memory. I can't thank you enough."
    "What a lot of work you put into your latest course, and I really found it so profound and wish more people could hear it..."
    "I am enjoying the classes so much - every one is better than the last and just when I find a favourite, another takes its place!"
    "I was filled with energy and felt like I just wanted to blaze a path ahead!"
    "I've been waiting a while for a class that resonates with me and I am grateful that you are teaching these courses."
    "...there is something magical and especially needed."
    "It is so well put together and I can't wait for the next class. This is quality work and I feel privileged to have access to it."